Launch what collectors want.

From minting to marketing; FACINGS has you covered

End-to-end NFT campaign management platform

FACINGS puts everything you need to execute end-to-end NFT collection launch and marketing in one place, making it easier than ever before to integrate NFTs into your strategy; all at a fraction of the cost of in-house and concierge options.

A front page for your NFT collection

Create a website for your NFT collection; a one-stop-shop for your loyal collectors to explore and buy your NFTs.

Make it your own with configurable features:

  • payment methods
  • custom domains
  • site designs
  • promotions

Mint your NFTs on leading blockchain networks

Mint on the blockchain that best meets your NFT collection’s needs. Each blockchain offers different advantages when minting NFT collections. That’s why FACINGS is working to help you roll out NFT campaigns on a range of leading blockchain networks.

NFT packs from the future

Launch engaging digital pack campaigns with FACINGS. Digital packs replicate the excitement of opening up a physical pack of cards; thrill your audience!

FACINGS’ pack opener smart contract is best in class; allowing for accurate predictions of likelihood of receiving various rarities, reliability, and a truly immersive collector experience.